Simple, stress-free & affordable fertility care

The fertility treatment journey may be a confusing, emotional and costly experience. Zora Health makes fertility treatments accessible by simplifying the process, offering expert support, transparent pricing and flexible payment plans in collaboration with our global network of trusted fertility clinics.

Fertility treatments shouldn't be stressful

At Zora Health, you are our top priority. Our panel of experts will guide you through every step of the fertility treatment journey, helping you make informed decisions about your options, expected outcomes, and costs


Regardless of which country you are from or which country and doctor you prefer, Zora is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of support. Plus, when you engage us, you’ll enjoy value-added benefits at no extra cost. 


So why wait? Contact us today to start your fertility treatment journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing (a.k.a. mature oocyte preservation) involves harvesting and storing a woman’s eggs to preserve her potential to become pregnant. Zora Health provides:

Why Zora Health

At Zora, we believe that every aspect of your fertility treatment journey should be stress-free. We help you navigate your fertility journey by providing unique resources and support. You can choose your preferred doctor or select from our network of partner clinics and hospitals, with local and overseas options.

Fertility Package With
Extra Benefits
Fertility Package With Extra Benefits

As part of our comprehensive package, we offer complimentary services, including expert support, fertility coaching, and an appointment concierge service.


Moreover, you won’t have to worry about extra charges with Zora. You’ll pay the same amount as you would at the clinic.

Standardised &
Transparent Pricing
Standardised & Transparent Pricing

Zora’s standardised and transparent package prices simplify the fertility treatment process. No more calling multiple clinics to compare treatments or getting confused about opaque pricing and packages.


Our easy-to-understand packages help avoid unpleasant surprises or hidden charges.

Pay In Installments
Financing: Pay In Installments

Zora Health offers financing packages that may be tied to, or independent of, our fertility packages.


Our financing packages help women by allowing them to reduce their financial commitment while deferring payments over 12, 24 or 36 months.

Expert Support

Unsure when to start your treatments? Worried about the risks? Need a quick reply during the process?

Navigating the fertility journey may be complex and confusing, and most clinics have limited after-office-hours support. Zora Health has a network of fertility experts who can guide you in your journey.

Consultation Concierge

Zora Health has a network of partner clinics and will be able to assist with appointments and treatment schedules to suit your needs.

We have curated a list of trustworthy specialists, clinics and hospitals that provide the highest quality fertility care based on industry-insider knowledge and recommendations, and reduces the uncertainty of specialist or clinic choice for women

Clinic Database &
Resource Library
Clinic Database & Resource Library

We understand that it’s difficut to find reliable information you can trust. We have built an extensive directory of fertility centres & specialists for you to compare. 

In addition, we have a library of resources for you to get centralised  information on fertility treatments. 

Partnering you on your fertility journey

"Clear pricing - clarity & support from start to end."

"I love Zora Health for their simple, transparent pricing. It was a relief not to worry about unexpected fees or hidden costs. They made the entire process stress-free and easy to understand, which allowed my husband and I to focus on what mattered most - my family's future."

Syarifah, 27 & Indra, 29

"I couldn't believe that I can choose my own doctor and enjoy extra benefits for the same price."

"I had a preferred doctor overseas that my girl friends recommended. He is part of Zora’s clinic network, but I was interested in Zora’s support and perks. After speaking to Zora, they assured me I wouldn’t pay extra. Zora managed the whole process - from personalised guidance to answering my queries about legalities."

Nina, 32, Single

"The financing options lifted a huge weight off my shoulders."

"Zora’s instalment plans were a true lifesaver. I was so grateful for their flexible and affordable options. I have been thinking about preserving my eggs as a form of “insurance” but didn’t want to pay a big lump sum upfront as I am saving for a house. The instalment plan helps me manage my finances better.”

Elaine, 32

"I never felt alone in my fertility journey."

"After failing previously, we were very anxious and were not sure what to expect. They guided us through the process and cared for us every step of the way. My treatment at the clinic was long, and sometimes it was emotionally draining, but having a fertility coach made us feel better and more prepared. As busy professionals, we appreciate the convenience of scheduling appointments through Zora. I have recommended Zora to all our friends."

Ying & Drew, 37 & 41

Start your journey

Every step of your fertility journey should be seamless and convenient – including getting started. We want to provide you with the simplest process that saves you time and money.


Here’s how that works at Zora Health.


Talk to Zora's care advocate

We would like to know you better to tailor your care to your needs, and make the appropriate specialist and clinic recommendations accordingly. 


Flexibility to choose your own doctor or ours

We understand how important it is to find a doctor you are comfortable with. If you have a doctor in mind, let us know. Otherwise, we will schedule 3 initial consultations so that you can find the right care provider. We will also provide you the list of questions to ask so that you are fully prepared and maximise your consulation. 



Fertility tests & review

Your specialist will review your goals and medical history and perform necessary investigations such as blood tests and ultrasound scans. You will be scheduled for a review after the investigation results are ready and discuss your proposed fertility treatment plan.


Review your costs & financing options

We will review your treatment price and go over financing options. 


Begin treatment without worry

Once you decide to partner with Zora, we will start by sending you a special welcome package. We will handle the scheduling of appointments and support you at each step of the process. 

Depending on your treatment, we will also arrange a fertility coach for you.